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Panhead @ Beervana

Continuing the awesome work with Panhead Custom Ales, Dzine Signs were called on again to build a massive display that would stand out from the hundreds of other breweries participating in Beervana 2016.

Augmenting their usual motor aesthetic, Dzine ran with a grungy urban subway theme, using street art and a rail carriage motif to create a unique space for their patrons to sample their unique and award-winning craft beers.

The front of the display featured a vintage American diner style countertop, complete with chromed edging. This was complemented with vintage styled counter stools and even a replica black and white chequered lino floor.

As usual Dzine used premium materials to ensure the display would handle four days of festivities. Cheers to another awesome display!

This display made an impact outside of Beervana too! Click here to read about the award it won and the talented artist behind it.


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