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Dzine Asset Capture

Dzine Asset Capture provides a centralised system to store and access all information about an organization’s information infrastructure assets. This includes the asset’s location, its current status, its maintenance history, and more. The inbuilt maintenance features allow for on-site, immediate proactive problem-solving, decreasing the likelihood of asset failure and down time, and supporting the performance of your asset network and service levels to your customers. 

Tailor made for you

Dzine Asset Capture is tailored to the exacting specifications of each of our clients. The software capture assets and their features as your own system recognise them, and provide monitoring, reporting, and maintenance as you require.

It's accurate

Utilising geo-location technology and upload capabilities that enable photos, videos, and other datapoints, asset performance is recorded accurately and in real time. This also ensures reporting is objective and record standards are maintained.

Easy to use

Once built, the tool is super easy to use. It's been designed for use in the field for a wide range of technical abilities. This helps onboard your teams quickly, reduces input errors, and takes the 'fear-factor' out of new tech - which can be a barrier for many working in the field.

Automatic planning and reporting

The reporting function allows you to view your asset network performance, accurately monitoring and managing risks, budgets, and service. You can quickly see how the network performs financially too, incorporating budgets and tracking expenditure.

Use anywhere

As it's designed to be used by asset management and roading teams out in the field, Dzine Asset Capture is mobile compatible for on-the-go data capture. In areas outside of range, date can still be easily and accurately input, uploading when the user comes into range again.

On-demand asset maintenance

Dzine Asset Capture can provide automatic service requests, letting the Dzine team get on with the job immediately, minismising any disruptions to your services. Asset maintenance can be scheduled, or repairs and replacements ordered in a single click through the app. With budget and authorisation management built-in, your processes can be managed on your behalf.

Want to know more?

As Dzine Asset Capture is a bespoke system, it's best we have a chat about what you need and what we can do for you.

Submit your details below and we can schedule a chat and a demo.

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