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Commitment to People

Dzine Signs is a family owned and operated business with a strong commitment to our community. We believe in doing what is right, both for our customers and our employees. Our values of integrity and hard work have allowed us to build a strong and successful business, and we are proud to be a part of such a great community. As an employer, we are dedicated to providing a positive and supportive work environment for our employees. 

We're backing our community

Dzine Signs takes immense pride in actively supporting our local community, helping them to succeed,and making a difference. Here’s how we contribute: Local Schools: Dzine Signs collaborates with schools, providing signage solutions for events, fundraisers, and other initiatives. Knowing how important schools are in our community, and the massive undertaking to teach and care for our Tamariki, we are proud to help out where we can. Sports Clubs: Sports plays a huge role in our community, and many of the Dzine Signs team actively participate in various clubs. Don’t be surprised to see the Dzine Signs logo beside the pitch or proudly on the shoulders of a players uniform – we back our teams, from grass-roots to national representatives. Community groups: Dzine Signs helps lighten the load for many local community groups, by helping out with their fundraising, awareness campaigns, or even practical activities. There are some groups we regularly support, and others that we help as the need arises. Being local, our team are very aware of efforts in our community to ensure everyone has what they need when they need it, and we’re proud to contribute to this important work.


We're committed to looking after our team

Dzine Signs isn’t just about creating visual impact; we’re also about fostering a sense of belonging and growth within our team. We’re committed to prioritising our staff as family and investing in their professional development: Embracing the Humanity of Each Team Member: Dzine Signs recognizes that its employees have vibrant lives beyond work. We value each team member as an individual, understanding that personal well-being directly impacts professional performance. By prioritizing work-life balance and providing resources for mental and physical health, Dzine Signs creates a harmonious environment where loyalty and commitment thrive. Supporting Employee Growth and Development: At Dzine Signs, we understand that investing in staff development pays dividends. Whether it’s workshops, mentorship programs, or skill-building opportunities, Dzine Signs actively nurtures our team members’ potential. We create opportunities for professional advancement and qualification and have proudly seen many apprentices become seasoned and highly skilled professional. We celebrate culture: As a family owned and operated business, our family values underpin our company culture. Our team are recognised and celebrated as the individuals they are, and respected and valued. We place great importance on work/life balance and work hard to ensure that our team don’t have to sacrifice milestones in life due to work commitments. As professional as our processes and outputs are, our working environment is comfortable and energetic, with laughter and genuine care for each other. We’re always looking to add talent to our team, so get in touch if you’d like to join us.


We're ensuring health, safety, and wellbeing is always our priority

At Dzine Signs, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset and essential to our continued success. As a result, we place the highest priority on their safety and wellbeing. As a Worksafe accredited business, we adhere to all best practical safety guidelines, and make provisions for planning and reporting of these to our clients for their own risk management processes. Our regular team-talks and project debrief sessions with both our team and clients ensures that we continue to learn from our experiences, adding to our knowledge and ability to keep our team safe at work. All our team are provided with the necessary safety equipment and training to stay safe on the job, and our health and safety policies are designed to ensure that all our employees remain injury and accident-free while promoting productivity and job satisfaction.


We're championing inclusivity and accessibility

As well as ensuring we keep our workplace inclusive and accessible, Dzine Signs is committed to helping our clients to as well. Championing accessibility and inclusivity in service design is crucial for creating a positive impact on both customers and employees. We do this by: Advising on design for the full range of diversity of people: We consider abilities, languages, cultures, genders, and ages, and empower all users to participate by understanding their needs. Remaining vigilant when observing legislation and guidance. We work with our clients to provide clarity and concise content, making it accessible to a broader audience. We also advocate for adaptable design layouts that can adjust to different devices and user preferences. And, we embed accessibility from the start, rather than treating accessibility as an afterthought, we integrate it into the design process.

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