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Craft beer on display

Dzine Signs have worked with Panhead Custom Ales on numerous projects, the latest being a portable display bar.

Being one of New Zealand's most loved craft breweries, the Upper Hutt based Panhead is a fixture at the many craft beer festivals. They also regularly feature at music festivals and sports events, so it is important to them that their patrons get the complete Panhead experience, going beyond the bottle (or can!).

The Panhead display was designed and fabricated on site at Dzine. By incorporating the unique branding of Panhead with their 'motor' aesthetic, the resulting display is an awesome expression of their brand and a taste of what patrons might expect when they visit their brewery, at Brewtown in Upper Hutt.

Being designed for portability, it was important to Panhead that the display was easy to mobilise, being lightweight enough to easily transport and set up. It also needed to be hardwearing, to manage hundreds (if not thousands) of patrons visiting at an events. And it needed to be functional, serving as a point of sale and functional tap bar at these events.


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