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Wilsons Parking lightbox sign

Having worked with Wilsons Parking before, the team at Dzine knew the level of impact and quality that was expected of them in designing, fabricating, and installing the entrance signage of one of their largest parking facilities in Wellington.

In the heart of Wellington CBD, the site commanded signage that could be seen from many streets away, allowing for drivers to plan their approach on the commonly congested roads safely. As a 24 hour facility, it needed to maintain visibility day and night, so an illuminated sign was essential. The sign designed by Dzine Signs was a massive lightbox that perfectly reflected the Wilsons Parking brand.

The road dynamic and busy traffic could have been problematic when the team installed the massive sign at height, but the Dzine installation team are professionals when it comes to traffic management, mechanical lifts, and electrical installations. Safety is always paramount, so a

lot of hi-vis was on show that day!


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