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Environmental design done right

Dzine Signs used some sympathetic and clever design to improve the dementia unit in this hospital.

For those who do not know: one of the symptoms of dementia is wandering, where people who have the disease have the urge to leave where they are and.... walk. This can be frightening for family and caretakers who can often struggle to find the person. It can also be very dangerous for the person with dementia as they may find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, in exposed areas in harsh elements, or may simply keep walking in the hope they'll find something familiar, getting even further from the people caring for them.

In a care environment, like a hospital, wandering can be an issue as there may be many patients and only so many eyes on them. Hospitals can also be clinical and unfriendly environments, which may make people with dementia uncomfortable or even frightened.

With this in mind, our team installed some beautiful botanical graphics to both soften the look of the space and carefully disguise the lift door.

We hope that this will help people on their journey with dementia to be more comfortable in this environment - and a bit safer. We take our hats off to all dementia carers for the amazing work you do.


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